05 May 2010

The Blind Assassin ~ Margaret Atwood


Winner : Booker Prize 2000

A delightful read

Iris tells the story of herself and her sister, Laura. It is set among the wealthy industrialist families outside Toronto before and after WW1.

There is deliberate confusion about what is happening and to whom it is happening. The story exposing the family's dark secrets is interwoven with a trashy science fiction saga being told by ???

I loved the sense of time and place in this book ... and the fact that you had (wanted to) read carefully so as to expose the truth. This is a complex read with parallel stories and not in a time continuum.

04 May 2010

The Gates ~ John Connolly


Young teen fiction
Cute, well constructed, fast paced.

One of my "Favourites" is Connolly's "Book Of Lost Things" which is also in the Young Adult category (maybe??) but for an older audience than this.

Demons have been let loose! The Gates of Hell are opening. All because a small chink occurred diring the operation on the High Speed Particle Accelerator. So it is up to our cool hero ... a dorky young boy ... ably assisted by his two friends and his very well written dog.

This book is fun!

03 May 2010

The Whisperers ~ John Connolly

Charlie Parker #9
Slightly supernatural suspense

It has been so long that I have read one of the Charlie Parker series but this one was timely as we went to Sydney and had lunch with John Connolly himself! ... thanks to Michael Robotham!!

After my Charlie Parker hiatus (I felt that Black Angel was a bit of a 'jump the shark' for me and Charlie), I really enjoyed this one! Soldiers returning from Iraq bring back spooky plunder from a sacked Baghdad museum.

Plenty of baddies, well written, face paced ... a winning formula